App names cut off on home screen

I seem to have a problem with my Home screens (screenshot attached).
The app names are getting cut off.
I am using the default launcher + english language.
Any ideas?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

You could change the font scale, Settings > Display > Font size or use less apps per width of screen.

You could also install a different launcher which will provide alternative options.

The launcher I use is


Thank you for the quick reply.
I tried only putting one app in the middle, and the name still gets cut off.
It seems to me the default launcher will only allow the text to be as wide as the icon itself.
I tried the smallest font setting, but even the Calculator-app still gets cut off.

I may try out the nova launcher, thank you.
The default launcher doesn’t seem polished.

I have the text hidden, so never a problem, after all the icons are self explanatory :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure most, if not all, do that to stop one text from overwriting another

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My main reason for using an alternative launcher was to get rid of the google search bar :slight_smile:

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So I got the nova launcher and it basically fixed the problem.
The only app name that still gets shortened is “Amazon Shopping” but that is fine with me.
I do like having the app names, because I don’t use all my apps a lot and the symbols are anything but self explainatory (e.g. zoom).


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