"[App name] is not responding" is not responding

Sometimes when my phone is trying to do processing- or RAM-heavy tasks it lags a little, which is understandable. If I try to interact with the screen while that is happening, once Android reacts I’ll get a pop-up telling me that whatever app has the focus at the time is “not responding” and offers to close it for me, or ignoring it. Usually I will choose the latter. So far so good. This is the expected behaviour.

Problem is, if I tell the pop-up to ignore the problem and just wait for it to solve itself, then a few seconds later I will get the same pop-up message again, even though the app is already working just fine. And again. And again. And again. Once it has tasted blood, it will never let go until it kills its prey.

This is not the expected behaviour.

Fairphone 3, Android 13, build 6.A.028.1 (although it’s been a problem for several months already).

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This Problem has been reported many times, also in the LOS Threads. I think killing the app is the only workaround atm but I am not sure.


I also saw this problem on my FP4 with stock OS. So far I found no solution except for killing the app.

Having the same issue with my FairPhone 3+.

Because LOS also has this issue, is it a bug in Android 13 in general? It sounds like it, I have to say.