App installation nextcloud correct location

I use app nextcloud, now 3.5.0. It does not work.
The app says, it shall not be installed on external memory.
But it is needed to swap the storage manually.
it still does not work, but other problem.

This should be done by the OS to test manifest where to install
(for three methods: Firefox-esr, F-droid, Yalp)
Should be made a bug

BR Erich

I even don’t find an option to install the app to external memory. Have you set up your SD card as “Internal memory”? I found some hint from 2017 that in this case the option exists.

While I don’t recommend this setup, I wonder why you want to file a bug report to Fairphone when you could move the app to internal memory. I could imagine there is also no such test implemented in Android, since I have formerly read reports on other Android devices for other apps showing same message.

Hi Amber
I feel that it cannot be the duty of the user to shift applications in the right place. This shall be done right from the operating system in all configuration cases. I have some clues how things shall be done, because I use computers and PLC since 1977. The longer the development lasts, the more the user becomes involved in internal trouble of the OS. This is bananaware. It shall ripe in the cellar of the customer.
To allow for an error and then tell the client to find it and to correct it causes time loss and frustration on all sides. And it is simply wrong.
I bought the Fairphone 2, that it saves me time and weight to carry. But now I get involved in troubleshooting more and more. I also note that the android is very poor in documentation. With debian linux I have 36 MByte of Manuals in English and German only for my 1856 packages installed on this notebook And I find a lot of results on the internet from other users, which have reported problems and solutions. With android I find barely nothing on the internet. Or people which have the same problem. So if it is the will of the creators, that the client knows nothing, then the OS must work flawlessly.
I have become member of this forum not because it is fun, but because upstream someone did not do his job to a quality standard established in industry long time ago. So we customers help you to fix the bananaware. I have become member in 2 other forums for the same reason. I spent several 100 hours in Software troubleshooting for the last year on various systems. Instead of preparing my garden for spring. So please file the bug. I do not become member of the development community too, It is simply not my business
excerpt from android.manifest.xml

<intent-filter android:priority="1">
    <action android:name="android.settings.INTERNAL_STORAGE_SETTINGS" />
    <action android:name="android.settings.MEMORY_CARD_SETTINGS" />
    <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />

On my FP2 Nextcloud client app (from F-Droid) was correctly installed on internal storage by default and is working perfectly fine (on LineageOS 15.1). Afaik installation on internal storage is default also on FP OS,
To help any further a specific error description would be needed.


Now I made 2 FP2 Open OS updates/upgrades within the last 2 months. Since the first upgrade the f-droid did not update any more. Today I checked the storage location and it was external sdcard. After shifting to internal the syncing of the packet lists and the updates work again.
It looks like many , if not ALL apps have been shifted from internal to external in one of these upgrades.
This is a serious bug, as a shift should not happen.

@ Fairphone developpers:
I had difficulties in upgrading FP OOS in the last two times and updating the nextcloud app. It landed in the external storage.
I claimed @nextcloud forum the problem of wrong install.
Nextcloud forum replied, that the app requires to be installed internally.

So it is the FairPhone OOS overriding this value,
Please treat this as a bug, as I feel that this is true for all apps.

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Hi Erich,

I guess this needs to be posted at as all bug reports go there.


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