App icons with truncated letterings on FP3 (Android 10)

Hi everyone !

The issue here can be probably fixed in settings but if yes i don’t know where…

Apps logos appear with cutted titles everywhere on the Android interface (see below)

Is it normal ? Reduce the police size doesn’t work…

I am sure that is normal, yes. On the FP3 I have here every app title with more than 7 characters gets cut like that, too.

You might be able to allow for – slightly – longer app titles fully displayed when using an alternative launcher (e.g. Nova Launcher) and reducing the number of apps in one row.


Can confirm; I’m using Lawnchair, where you can configure font size, 2 rows of text/description per icon, no. of icons per row, space between icons.

Cannot remember anything, besides font size in settings (accessibility), that may help you otherwise.



This is normal Android behavior. See for example this discussion: