App for external UVC compatible camera with FP2 (Open)?

Are there any recommendations for a (preferrable Free and Open Source) camera application that allows to use UVC compatible cameras connected to the FP2 USB port ?
I would like to do both still images and video.
I snapped a cheap USB Endoscope camera in the January sales. The cam works well on my Linux boxes, but I would like to use it with my FP2 running FPOpen as well. The camera seems to get power because the illumination LEDs light up when its connected, but neither the stock camera app, nor open camera offer the external camera as a choice.
Just for clarification: UVC means USB Video Class - basically the standard video interface that does not require the installation of proprietary drivers.

I’ve tried a couple of options from Play Store, so can’t talk about FPOpen, but for what it’s worth, I currently have MScopes installed (free version, not open source, paid version available). UVC works fine with FP2 using an OTG adapter, but many of the apps are really quite bad, so if you find something great, I’d appreciate any tips.

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