App drawer search bar replaced by google search bar

Note: this topic is not about removing the google serch bar on the home screen

My app drawer search bar has been replaced by a google search bar after the Android 13 update. Now I cannot search anymore for apps in the app drawer, but am directed to the google search. It’s pretty annoying, as I have many apps and don’t want to look for them by scrolling. Any others with a problem or a solution? At the very least another way to look for apps. See here a screenshot:

This bar used to be a search bar for apps…

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with the upgrade to Android 13, the search for installed apps has changed. Now it is a normal Google search bar in the launcher, which not only does a local search for apps, but also a Google search while typing. In the interest of saving data, I prefer a local search. Is there any way to do a purely local search for installed apps?


I’ve been wondering about the same thing. First of all, I don’t like the fact that I don’t know what info from my search goes to Google. Second, searching for apps has become significantly slower since the update. I believe that is because it searches first online results and doesn’t give app results before it shows online results. It’s not just a local filter anymore but an online search.

I don’t like it.

According to what I have found out now, this is not a bug, but a new feature in Android 13 called “Unified Search”. This can probably only be circumvented with a different launcher.

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With the Fairphone 4 in Android 13, , this feature does not appear…

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