App battery usage setting "restricted" not persistant

I tried putting more than 40 apps on “restricted” battery mode twice. I think that’s new in Android 13? So, they won’t be able to do anything if they are not in the foreground.

But each time I restart the FP5, all those apps are reset to “Optimised”?

I thought I had a similar behaviour with one app I had set to “restricted” a few days ago, but now it’s still 'restricted" after just having rebooted the phone for the new update.

Maybe the bug was just fixed (although there’s nothing about this in the patch notes)? Have you already done the update and tried to replicate the behaviour afterwards?


I have 77 apps set as restricted, and this keep after reboot, not yet installed today OTA

It looks to persist now as well. I rebooted before by holding the right button a long time, which is more of a reset. Maybe those settings are only stored on a graceful shutdown cycle. Or some update fixed it. It also applied to the “draw over other apps”. This is now persistent as well.

No, it still happens. I had it after my phone crashed with some USB error. So I think it happens when you do a hard reset or get a crash.

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