Apollo app crashes

Hi everybody,
I am using Apollo currently, but the APP immediately shuts down when I open it. Any views?

Have you tried the #privacyimpact workaround?

Yes, I have. It worked in other Apps, but not for Apollo.

I’d try to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Last week I also had some issues with Apollo, as @Schneeflocke described above, that it crashed when trying to open it. Don’t think that I did anything to change it, but it then started to work again. Maybe a reboot of the phone did the trick, not sure. Anyhow, the problem was temporary and kind of got solved by itself.

Thanks Freibadschwimmer. Unfortunately, this issue did not stop, even after reinstalling. I switched to vlc instead.

Did you try to re-enable privacy impact setting?

Yes, I tried. No success. :sob: