Apn Settings O2 Germany

Hi there,
I changed my provider (actually I “adopted” my husbands old number and provider) from McSim (actually O2) to O2. I can send sms and use the “phone”, but no internet. I had the same problems when I started with McSim and my Fairphone2, then I got the right apn settings and it worked. The O2 webpage is not helpful at all, as all apn setting inputs are for other phones. In this forum I found a topic ( APN configuration for my Fairphone 2 @o2 to establish mobile data connection in Germany), but unfortunately those settings there won’t work. Does anyone have any recent know-how?
I would go to a local shop and ask them, but I expect them to know nothing about fairphones… :o(
Thanks for your time!

As I know, O₂ doesn’t care about APN settings inside of Germany, it should always work. Outside of Germany, you have to enter the correct APN settings which differ whether you have “contract” (“Vertrag”) or “Prepaid”. The settings below should work. The “contract” settings worked for me not only in Germany, but also in Austria and Italy.

If you have a “contract”:

If you have “Prepaid”:


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