AnySoftKeyboard - language packs for Switzerland

I’ve downloaded AnySoftKeyboard via F-Droid but haven’t understood where to get additional language packages - I am particularly interested in Swiss French and Swiss German (QWERTZ keyboards with the necessary accents/Umlaut). Does anyone know whether they exist and where to get them? Or have you got other solutions for these two keyboards?

Hi. I use three different keyboards but I didn’t download any app. Just try settings/languages/keyboard/android keyboard (AOSP) and select the languages you want to add. Then when you type text within an app, there will be a globe at the bottom of the keyboard (next to space bar) to allow you to switch the language. Works fine for me.

But you don’t use Swiss German or French Swiss, do you? I have four languages active already; it’s just that the standard French and German keyboards aren’t the ones I am used to…

Not Swiss German, but French Swiss. And it works fine, it’s really a French Swiss keyboard.

Merci! J’ai trouvé… Je ne sais pas du tout pourquoi je ne l’avais pas vu avant…

Pas de problème, ce n’est pas toujours très intuitif… J’ai trouvé pas mal de paramètres grâce au forum!

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