Anyone with a Fairphone 2 in Stockholm?

I live in Stockholm, Sweden, and I am interested in buying a Fairphone 2, but I would prefer to be able to play around with it before deciding, especially since I am worried the phone might be too large for me.
Is there anyone in Stockholm who has a Fairphone 2? And in that case, could we meet up so that I could buy you a coffee and hear about your impressions of the phone, and also try out the size in my hand and pocket, before ordering my own?


I don’t live in Stockholm, but I hope you will find someone who does. I know I’ve “seen” Swedish users here. I’m sure they will answer you. But if you write down a bit more about your old/current phone, even other people can help you a bit comparing their FP2 to your old one … if they know where you are coming from.

If in the end you think it’s too big for you, also used phones can be interesting. Make sure you look at brands that still provide software updates for older phones and have a easy to replace screen/battery.

Talking about it: There will be a software update for the FP2. So maybe some of the glitches people talk about here will be fixed in the future.

Thank you for your reply.
Right now, I am using a (slowly dying) Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, and I can fit it into my back pocket, but a larger phone would probably be problematic (I don’t like to constantly carry a purse). Being able to try it out in my hand would make it easier to make the decision, but I might have to do without it. Any input on the size and general experience of the phone would be helpful!

(I tried getting more info by reading the reviews, but most are mainly focusing on the repairabiilty and fairness of the phone, which is indeed important, but I know most of that already, right now I rather need to know more about the usability of the actual phone)

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Yep. Ubbeus gmail com.

Hej Madeleine

there are other phones with the same size of the fairphone,
so why not going into a shop and check a phone of the same size, so you can easy check how it is to handle a phone of this size.

btw, I would not let any stranger met via internet put my phone into his/her pocket just to see if it fits in nicely, don’t take it personal, but STHML can be a wired place also.