Anyone tried having FP OS and regular Android simultaneously

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how are you doing?

I really want to use Android Auto with my phone, but it will not run on FP OS. Now I am thinking about running the regular Android simultaneously on my FP2.

Does anyone have experience with this? Does this work well?


Could you please clarify – FP OS on the FP2 usually means Fairphone OS = a Google certified stock Android (i.e. including Play Store, Google Mobile Services etc.). Or did you mean Fairphone Open = Android without the Google additions?


Maybe I got you worng, but you can’t run two different Android versions on a phone at the same time.
Or do you think about kind of a boot manager?


Hi Urs,

I am so sorry. I am with Fairphone Open. Thinking of adding Fairphone OS.


Thanks for the fast replies, guys! Ah, i wasn’t aware of that. I thought you could have multiple Android-Versions on your phone like having different operating systems on your computer. Is that not the case?

Correct, it’s not possible to run more than one partition on the FP2.


Alright. Sad to hear that. Thank you so much. Have a great day!

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