Anyone in London who can help? [urgent!]

Hallo! Is there anyone in London who can lend some time to help this week?

My Fairphone has so many issues that I’ve got to return it to Fairphone. So, I’m trying to back up the phone and am in touch with Fairphone support about this.
However, one of the problems is that the battery isn’t fitting into the phone anymore and today I see there is an established issue with “swelling batteries”

Therefore according to this I should remove the battery from the phone. Therefore obviously I cannot actually turn on the phone and complete the back up process. However, I’m relocating city/country at the end of next week and urgently need to do this and return the phone before I leave.

Is there anyone in London here who could meet up and help out? i.e. lend me their battery so I can complete the back up process, and maybe share knowledge to sort out any issues that crop up.

I’m a single mum with a little baby and we’ve already moved out of our main home before the relocation, so having to do all this phone stuff adds another dimension which we could do without! A helping hand from the “ethical smart phone community” would really help :smile:



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I’m adding Londoners @rocinante, @Orla_Joan, @Helen_Highwater, @Chiman_Choi, @Charlotte_Wu and @Jacob. Can anyone of you help out a fellow Fairphoner? :slight_smile:


Thank you Stefan that’s very kind :blush:

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@Stefan, if any of the Londoners that you mention could help out this week it would be sooo amazing. Is there anything I can do to encourage them to help?

Extra info/context from this side to explain the urgency…

Firstly, with Fairphone out of action and phone situation “paused” whilst the backup process cannot proceed, I don’t have a telephone which is really really impractical obviously. I have a little baby and responsibilities with my elderly dad which make a working telephone extra indispensable.

Secondly, I’ve got really limited luggage space when I leave the country at the end of the week and I could do without carrying Fairphone+box with me.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to reach out to the London fairphone community…


I shared it on Twitter:

Let’s see, if the social media guys at Fairphone pick it up too.


Thanks soooo much Stefan that’s really soo lovely and helpful of you :smile: :sunny: :blush:

May the Karma Gods shine brightly on you!


@moomoo Heya. I’m in Green Lanes and quite busy this week, but if you’re able to come by mine when I’m around, or aren’t too far away I could help?


hi @hackofalltrades that sounds amazing! i’m on cally road at the moment which isn’t too far. i could maybe try and come round this evening late-ish (9pm?).

i’m about to go offline and dont have a phone at the moment obvs but if there is a way to pass me your mobile i could try and call u when i get in @7pm? i sent you a private message.

i’m looking at the other days this week, but as i’m moving / leaving on saturday, the other days look trickier. if tonight isnt possible for u tho, let me know when works for u.

cheers :smile:

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Hallo again everyone.

Basically we tried to sort this out last night but ran out of time as I couldn’t miss the last tube home. There wasn’t time to charge battery to 80% and complete the "storage expansion process"

…so we couldnt download apps to try and copy Notes.

@hackofalltrades was really helpful (and we ended up finding out we have mutual friends in common!) but he does have other commitments this week and needs to be able to use his phone as well.

Is there anyone else around in London who could lend use of battery? I have time this evening approx 9.30-11pm and at some point on Friday as well. I was already half way through copying notes manually when I discovered the battery issue, and it may well be easiest just to finish copying the notes manually. However still need battery to turn phone on.

I’m hoping the backup of the contacts is semi-sorted - will check that now.


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Hallo again,

Just to let you know that I ended up having to bring the phone with me to Barcelona as I felt it wasn’t really reasonable to ask someone to lend me their battery (and their phone be out of action) whilst I manually copy 200+ notes from the phone!

I ended up buying a bigger suitcase so it wasn’t so problematic to bring phone+box with me, but some precious books had to get left behind instead! Meanwhile I didn’t get time to fully set up the new phone someone donated me and I’m in a new city without a working mobile. This is the life!

I’m really in two minds about the Fairphone as I think it’s great and amazing that people are working on an ethical smartphone, and it’s great to be connected to the Fairphone community via the Forum etc, but my experience with the phone has been very time consuming and not v functional to say the least, throwing up so many impractical situations that they are too numerous to mention here (life is too short etc etc)…

Anyway thanks for feedback from @Stefan @Vinni @Johannes… it really made a difference to know there were people out there willing to take the time to help. I tag you because the other thread I posted about this got closed for some reason.

Abrazos and all the best XXX


Good luck in Barcelona! Actually there is a local Fairphone community there, who will be able to help you out with a battery, if you still need one:

PS: I closed the other thread because it sounded as if you had solved the contacts issue.

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hey, fairphone have sent me a new battery. i dont think its really reasonable to expect someone to lend me their battery (and for their phone to be out of action) whilst i manually copy 200+ notes!

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p.s. just to share one of those “sniff! sad!” moments that have happened whilst fairphone has been out of action… was in Kings Cross station in London breastfeeding when I saw Yanis Varoufakis in Patisserie Valerie… our eyes met… it would have been the perfect moment to ask for a foto with yanis+baby to add to baby’s foto diary for posterity… but of course the blimmin phone wasnt working!!

actually as i recall this wasnt even the battery problem, this was a previous problem of the camera not taking any more fotos even despite me deleting many pics+vid i would otherwise have liked to keep. despite deleting pics+vid to release memory, the blimmin phone still wouldnt take more pics!

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