Anyone having FP3(+) at Helsinki area?


I already posted this on the Finland thread but it´s an old one so I´m afraid it won´t be noticed.

Is there anyone here who lives around the Helsinki area and owns an FP3 or 3+? My 3+ got wet and after drying it for days it switches on as it should but when I try to unlock the screen, the lockscreen just keeps dropping back. So the screen is not completely dead as it responds to touch but the lock screen just won´t unlock.

I already asked the fairphone angel in Järvenpää and he doesn´t have parts for FP3.

So I was wondering, if there is someone who owns a 3 or 3+ and would be kind enough to let me try their display on my phone to see if it starts to work. That way I could see if I just need to order a new display or is it something more serious.

We could meet at a coffee house somewhere, I´d buy you a cup and we can chit-chat (finnish or english) while I try your display. Or we can just sit in silence, if that´s more like your thing. The switch only takes about 15 minutes if all the screws in your phone are fine.



Hey Teemu, actually, this is perfect timing for me because I have just ordered a new display to replace one that is coming unglued. We can test it on the old screen. PM me.


Thanks a million @davidmm for your help.

For those who are reading this thread because of similar problems (phone switches on ok but you can´t unlock the screen), trying another display showed that the problem for me was the display. So I´ll just order a new one.



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