Anyone got a reply on thier tickets regaridng replacing faulty parts?


I raised a ticket 5 days ago to report that I had the same bright spot issue that others have posted about. I also have a very lose connector for the charger (only works with one charger out of 3 I’ve tried). Now the android software is playing up (linked to the power issue I think) and the phone is getting unusable.

I’m now getting a little concerned that I’ve heard nothing from Fairphone regarding replacements, or seen anything on the forum about others being offered replacements.

Has anyone heard anything?

I had a good communication with support about FP1 and a very fast repair.
I suggest you do wait a little more time (2-3 days) and if it is urgent place a direct call to ask about the status.

Thanks - I’ll give it another couple of days and go for the direct call (did not realize this was an option)

It wasn’t about replacing a faulty part, but I wrote to fairphone’s support on january 8th and got an answer the 22nd. It took a while, but did actually help.

My advice, wait a few more days …

I had a very quick reply regarding my broken back cover. I wrote to them on Feb. 4th and heard back on the 5th. I was offered a new cover. However so far haven’t received the replacement and wrote to them again on the 19th.

I sent them a message 9 days ago and I’m still waiting for a reply -and my screen is dead, so I cannot use the phone.
How much did you finally wait?

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