Anyone else with 2,4Ghz Wifi problems?

Hey everyone,
I am not totally sure this started when I installed LOS. But right now the situation is that 2,4Ghz Wifi networks give me connection problems and are typically slower than they should be.
Also, when I open a Wifi hotspot, it is extreeeeeeemely slow and sometimes does not work at all. Setting it to 5Ghz solves the problem.
Is this a LOS, a config or a hardware issue?
Running latest LOS (9th of May, I think)


This would had been a valuable piece of information to start investigation.
Anyway from my point of experience as you specifically point out 5Ghz is not affected, does 2,4Ghz show those troubles when bluetooth is enables as well?
Have you already changed the WiFi channel of your router?

Please also search this forum for others having had similar problems if you haven´t done so yet.

The 2,4Ghz band is usually somewhat crowded. Depends on where you try to open the access point, I’d say. In a rural place you usually have higher speed because of the lack of other devices using the same frequencies.

See also:


Hi, yes, I also would have liked to know that. But I don’t want to install stock all over again…

Anyway: This does not happen with a specific network, it happens all over the place with all kinds of 2,4Ghz networks. Also in places without much Wifi traffic, the situation is the same. Other devices (e.g. Samsung tablet/phone) are unaffected.
And it is especially critical when opening a Wifi hotspot…

So since you encounter 2,4Ghz network troubles anywhere it seems not to be related to the bluetooth frequency interfering, which btw. I had to experience with my old router.

As I am on Lollipop I unfortunately now don´t have any further idea what the cause could be. It seems clear to be phone/software related though.
I have searched this forum with the “los wifi” search pattern and there were several topics listed. Maybe you are lucky to find a solution in one of them if you haven´t tried yet.

Have you disabled mobile data when using WiFi ? Have you tried to put the phone in flightmode and with only WiFi enabled ? If these things solve the problem, then the interference comes from the phone itelf.
Another option to check Wifi band usage is to use apps like WiFi Analyzer. You get it both on F-Droid and GooglePlay:

Have you tried turning Bluetooth off whilst browsing?

I had very similar problems with an FP2. No manner of OS upgrades, swaps of Wifi router and repeaters improved the situation. It would have full or many wifi signal bars, internet connection made to server but pages load extremely slowly, video would not cache enough to keep playing.

I can’t seem to find a link to where it was discussed on another android forum but somebody suggested the two antennas can interfere especially when far from the wifi router.

It’s very annoying to have to keep remembering to turn it off then back on again (luckily theTile app keeps reminding me I won’t be able to find my keys until I turn it back on when I leave the house), But it has improved wifi internet speeds when I do so.

I think I improved the situation by setting the WiFi regional settings from “Germany” to “Europe”. But I will try to observe…

I recall frequencies / channels allowed in other european countries which are forbidden in Germany. So as long as you don’t use your phone as a hotspot there should be less problem (not none, because I don’t know limits of Wifi searching radio strength), but please avoid serving a hotspot in case (unless checked channels and compatibilities to regulatories). The fine, if detected, is usually very high, because it could lead to serious problems for the countries’ infrastructure.

I think, it is the other way round - in Germany, you may use Channel 13. In other EU countries, this is not allowed. So setting my WiFi to Europe will just disable this channel.

2.4 GHz is indeed crowded. All kind of protocols communicate on this range from microwaves to Bluetooth but also things like say Steam Controller.

2,4 GHz has better range; 5 GHz has better speed (if within range). But the latter is generally not very interesting on a smartphone. Maybe on the very high-end ones. I do use it though; to take pressure of the overcrowded 2.4 GHz range.

If you got no 2.4 GHz-only WLAN clients (e.g. my partner’s smartphone, and our e-books suffer from this feature), try putting your router in 5 GHz mode. If you can use both modes on your router, do that instead. You might also opt for buying a cheap WLAN AP for 2.4 GHz only whilst using your current router in 5 GHz. I actually got one of such APs lying around btw. But they are cheap either way. Be careful with repeaters. Some are vulnerable to KRACK, still, but if you use only AP mode it should be fine (wired + WLAN instead of double WLAN).

Only use channels 1, 6, 11. Never any in between since they will overlap with others and cause more noise.

You might also have success in moving your router/WLAN AP.

Yeah, one of my smart neighbors put their WLAN AP on country DE. It is very easy to see. I don’t recommend putting your router WiFi setting to a country you’re not residing in. You’re breaking the law that way.


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