Anyone else a bit annoyed with the rubber bumper?

Just got my FP3. I’m pretty satisfied with the phone in general so far, but the one thing I find really annoying is the rubber bumper going around the edge. It generally just feels a bit floppy and irritating. Moving my hand to reach different parts of the screen the lip of the bumper that hangs over the back cover seems to catch on my skin, causing it to unpleasently rub while it gets peeled back a bit. Especially near the middle of the long edges of the phone, just brushing my finger against it pushes the band away a bit from the phone.

Is this as intended, or is it supposed to be extremely snug and sturdy against the edges of the phone? Are there any alternative covers? I much preferred the smooth back cover of the FP2. I feel like I’m a bit crazy getting annoyed over this, but it just makes me dislike using the phone.

I have no problems with the bumper. It has to be a bit loose to remove it from the phone.

The solution imho is not use the bumper. Personally i prefer the desing/phone without bumper.


You could simply remove the bumper if you don’t like it, and then go for a case of your liking … admittedly there’s not much out there right now, but it’s not nothing either …

If you want to ged rid of the bumper quickly and have something interim for protection, I’m giving away a generic case for free.

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Any links for cases without the bumper? Ideally just a shell for the sides and back phone, I’m not a huge fan of cases with extra flaps etc, attached.
To be fair though, the original cover has become much less of an annoyance after a few days of getting used to it. I might have been holding it a bit weirdly at first.


Perhaps good things come to those who wait:

Will you sell a protective case?

We’re currently in the process of designing a protective case for the Fairphone 3 that will make as little impact on the environment as possible. Sign up to our newsletter to receive product updates and all the latest Fairphone news.

From Fairphone’s shop FAQs.


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