Anybody using Good Work (now Blackberry Work) with FP Open


I have an FP2 with Open OS and opengapps installed.

My enterprise is offering the Blackberry Work (former name Good Work) app to access company email and documents. I know that Blackberry Work usually doesn’t work on rooted devices, but I deactivated root in the settings. Still the app crashes, and googling the symptoms suggests that the app thinks that my FP2 is rooted.

Anybody out there using Open OS and Blackberry Work?

Regards, Pesche

I don’t know the app you are talking about, but if it really needs an unrooted phone then disabling root in the settings won’t be enough.

You’ll have to follow the #installanyapp guide. If you’re lucky it will be enough to hide root with an XPosed module as explained in Level 4, otherwise you’ll have to uninstall root as explained in Level 5.

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Hello @paulakreuzer, thanks for the pointer.

I’ve installed Root Cloak as explained (#installanyapp Level 4), but no luck.
The sister app Blackberry Enterprise is even explicitly mentioned as uncertain
and adding com.good.gcs to the list in Root Cloak wasn’t enough.

I won’t try Level 5 though, I’m just giving up using the app.

Yout don’t have to!
There is an App called Magisk which let’s you hide root status as well (I used it to play Super Mario Run, but eventually gave it up due to other issues)! I’d give this a try :slight_smile:

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