Anybody interested in a London based event?

HI there - I’m happy to help organise and host an event in London to support users and promote fairphone to those not in the know!

However, I have limited technical skills, but plenty of confidence and a few quirky ideas that could help drive awareness (meeting up over a cigar in central London for example? You can still smoke inside in the cigar stores of St. James’ and I know they’d let us host an informal gathering).

Please do reach out if any ideas, questions or just to say you are here too!



Hooking in @Kamil_Pachalko, who started the UK fb group:

United Kingdom Facebook Community

Please enter your details in the Local Fairphoners Address Book and link to this topic. It will give you better visibility. :slight_smile:


I think this is what you mean @Stefan?

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Yes, great! :slight_smile: Thank you! Please also put a link to this topic into your address book entry, so that others can discuss with you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Stefan for linking us up.

Hi Jonathan, thanks for coming up with the initiative. I will link to this topic on the facebook page as well to send people your way. Can’t promise I can come down from sunny Southend but happy to help out wherever I can. I have a spare battery I can donate to the parts repository - I will look for it.


Is there any chance someone could meet me in London in the evening on 14 May or during the day on the 15th? I could really do with a hands-on demonstration of how to remove the bottom module.

But not in a cigar shop please - I hate smoking.


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Is there actually an active Fairphone users’ community in London?


Not sure. I openend the topic again after someone on Twitter asked for local help in London and I redirected them to here. Seems that person didn’t bother to post.


  1. I am posting to keep this topic alive, well not so much the topic but the desire to find local help, though I’m in Cornwall

  2. So why do you want to change the bottom module on your FP2, if you have not yet done so? Do or did you mean the microphone module? I will look at the instructions if would help. See https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Fairphone+2+Microphone+Module+Replacement/55050

The particular issue that led me to ask for help three years ago - erratic charging - no longer applies, as I have had the handset replaced. However for the last year or more the primary microphone hasn’t worked, so I have to conduct all calls in speakerphone.