Anybody got a broken FP2 core module (Vienna)?

Does anybody have a completely broken and unrepairable (e.g. waterdamaged) FP2 core module and is willing to give it to the #austrianfairphoners?
We often go to events/fares/festivals where we have a stand and introduce Fairphone to the people. We have 2 working demo phones, but if would be cool to have one “zombie” phone out of broken modules that we can use to demonstrate the disassembly process without stressing the other demo phones too much. All we are missing for that zombie phone would be a core module.


6 weeks ago my FP2 was in (warranty) repair and got a new core module. The service people should have it lying around…

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Thanks, yeah I’m sure they have many lying around, but they are recycling or refurbishing them. I was rather looking for someone who didn’t have warranty and didn’t send theirs in. Possibly someone near Vienna, so it doesn’t have to be sent around much.

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