Any way to turn off the "battery low" voice or adjust when it triggers?

The TWS earbuds start screaming “BATTERY LOW” every minute once they reach 30%, this is very annoying and way way too early, 30% is plenty to use them for a while but I can’t cause they keep screaming at me, this effectively makes the battery 30% smaller.

I doubt there’s anything to do but I gotta ask cause it’s driving me nuts.

So is there any way to control this?

Also how am I the first person to post about this? Do others not have this issue?


I have not observed that specific battery low announcement and will have to test that more consciously. (I usually charge my headphones rather early, so they hardly get that low.)

But the voice announcements in general are not my favorite thing. I’d really prefer the option to have just a short notification tone that does not distract me from what I’m listening to as much as those long, spoken notifications. Also, those purely English messages are more or less helpful, depending on which language you’re actually familiar with.


Are you talking of the large headphones or the small TWS earbuds? Because I have the small earbuds, and yes - the forced voice announcements are annoying.

Even more so is the function to start the Google assistant when one of the earbuds is tapped, which can only be disabled by disabling or removing the Google app entirely. But compatibility with alternate assistants does not seem to exist (at least as far as I can tell).

Some configurability would be great! Both with regards to the tapping actions as well as with regards to the voice announcements. (E.g. the option to replace voice with simple sounds would be nice. My Bose Quiet Comfort headphones have that for example.)


You are right, I might have been totally on the wrong track here regarding the device in question!
In any case: The issues regarding the voice prompts seem to be about the same, then.

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The small TWS earbuds yeah.

I agree simple tones would be better.

Please someone help me stop this lady screaming in my ear

Agreed, this is very annoying.

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