Any ungoogled tablet available?

Hello there,

I am looking for an ungoogled tablet out there. I hoped offers one with /e/OS, but they only feature smartphones in their shop.

I’m not keen on ungoogling a tablet myself, as this is planned for my mom who lives 400km away, and hotline support for a running tablet is enough work - I don’t need to add a shaky OS to the mix.

Are there really no ungoogled tablets on offer?

Thanks for hints, nobi

You can take a look at the projects from ShiftPhone:

For the new ShiftBook for example, they are writing it will be compatible with Windows and Ubuntu and others.
But be aware, that some of their products are still “preorder”.


The first Generation(s) of the shiftbook (formerly known as Shift13mi) are already shipped and in use.
And its more than a tablet when you want…It seems it should get rid of the pre-order status soon…

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Thanks for the pointer!

Unfortunately, I have Shiftphones in my vicinity (private and work), and they (or their ShiftOS) are considered so buggy that nearly everybody is trying to phase them out…

The other point to note is that Shift offers it as a “book” rather than a tablet - with 1.5kg it’s a “little” heavy for an 80+ person to read their newspaper.

So I’m still looking for alternatives…


Maybe of interest: CalyxOS, a “de-googled” privacy-oriented custom ROM, is available for the Pixel Tablet: However, so far, you would be required to install it yourself on the Pixel Tablet (which is not that complicated using the Calyx device flasher), since only the Pixel 4a and the Pixel 6a can be ordered with CalyxOS preinstalled when signing up for a membership.


I’ve also seen LineageOS for Google Pixels (and probably others): (German website only).

The GrapheneOS is available for the google pixel tablet. I think the Google Pixel Tablet is the best choice when it comes to tablet and installing either CalyxOS or GrapheneOS. Though the pixel comes with trade offs such as no SD-card and wifi-only if thats matters to you.

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