Any soft keyboard won't stay on my murana fairphone 5

I don’t like the keyboard of the murena faiphone 5. I want to use any soft keyboard, which I just find amazing. But my phone always keep on putting the usual keyboard, and I don’t see where I can delete it, to be able to use only the one I like.
It would be good to have more explanations on how to use that phone I think
can anybody help me?

Explanations would be rather needed from Murena then, as this is OS specific.

Under settings apps, you cant deactivate it?

Under settings - system- keyboard, you cant disable it?

Edit: is this keyboard somehow maintained? In Fdroid not since 2 years

AnySoftKeyboard (Warum nicht eine mehrsprachige Tastatur in einer Welt voller Sprachen verwenden?)

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