Any recommendations for running/cycling holders for FP2?

Hi there, any recommendations for a decent armband/holder for the FP2 so I can strap it round my arm and listen to music/podcasts while running?

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Some bicycle holders …


I can throw another one in the ring which I can fully advise.

It´s a “Klickfix” from Rixen & Kaul.
I wanted something lasting and not easy to be dismounted and stolen but easy with attaching and removing my protected phone.

So my sleeve version (Phonebag Duratex M size) is fully waterproof with sealed seams (there are non-waterproof versions available too), click on by 90° steps, but then rotatable 360°, the protection foil is touch sensitive (non-sensitive versions are there as well).
The phone slides perfectly in and has enough space to easily be taken out again and the back is slightly padded. Button presses are also possible.
The Klickfix holder (type 262345770964) is held with a band made of high quality steel and a tiny hexagon socket screw. Derivated from its name with a simple but reliable klick mechanism the phone sleeve can be mounted and removed within a second, while the socket stays on your bike. It´s called quad adaptor as there may be three more parts (e.g. action cam) that can be klicked onto it.
It´s not the cheapest though. I had to do a long search and at last found it on ebay still for ~45€. Pay attention in case of ordering, some dealers charge this for the sleeve only without the needed adaptor.
I can only provide this image as linking directly to the companies product page doesn´t work.

I also looked at other holders in advance, but none of them met my expectations and some of them did not look like being very save in the usage or put too much stress onto the phone while riding. As my handle bar is holding other things already I needed something for my stem. This system can be mounted anywhere. Also longevity was an important point for me.


On my bicycle I use this holder:

It adapts to almost any smartphone (it can even take the almost square Blackberry Q10 from my employer), phone can be taken out in a snap, there is a rubber inlay that really holds the phone steady, so you have a chance to read things, and has a firm hold even on bumpy roads (some users on Amazon say they even tested this with mountain bikes…).

Can be set for portrait or landscape orientation (before pulling the thumb screw tight).

The only thing is that you have to check that you do not accidentally press the on switch on the upper right hand, but that can be avoided easily.

I’m looking for a running armband to keep my FP2 secure, and preferably dry in case of rain, while running. Doesn’t anyone have any recommendations?

My old running sleeve is too small for the FP2 and is beginning to break apart…

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I’m using ultimate addons universal smartphone case XL with my FP2.
On a daily basis for my commute.
It does the job quite well, even under heavy rain and over bumpy pavement.

Drawbacks : you need a bit of force to close it due to the phone thickness. And it prevents access to volume and power buttons. I installed Wave up and volume control apps in order to work around that. I believe that’s the counterpart of having a really waterproof and really though case.

Apart from this, i’m quite happy, the camera window fits well, the screen is responsive under the transparent cover, and I can even hear some music through the speaker under quiet traffic.
I could share photos, if someone’s interested.

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