Any recommendations for running/cycling holders for FP3?

Did anyone already use the Finn bike mount on the FP3+? Curious about experiences as with the FP2 it worked flawless.

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I used this a couple of times when riding the bike over country roads and it fits very well to the FP3 with the bumper attached :blush:

The reviews seem to be mixed, users at the German Decathlon-site report the case braking after 2 weeks of use. Can you say anything regarding the durability of that bike mount?

Can’t confirm 2 weeks. But actually my first one broke after about 2 or 3 years (well, only occasional use). It is torn at one point.

I only used it twice, so I can’t say nothing about its durability. But you’re right, the reviews, also the ones of the spanish users, focus on how easily it brokes… so I’m not sure if it’s really a good choice and a durable one, sorry :confused:

@Volker I’m not to sure if merging the last Posts to this particular topic was a good idea. This thread was about the FP2, we were mostly talking about the FP3 :thinking:

You’re right. So it’s now a now topic about running/cycling holders for FP3.

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Did anyone already use the Finn bike mount on the FP3+?

I use it for half a year now. Very esay to (de)mount, as there are now screws. Very strechable, even big phones like the FP3 fit in. Phone holds very tight, so no risk for losing the phone while driving.
You’ll get a discount for the bike citizens app.
I do recommend it.

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I checked out this holder while cycling a bit today, it looks promising so far …

It’s a set of the actual holder and a universal shell for any phone which fits into it. Touchscreen stays operational through the foil, you can even press the buttons if you really try.
You can also get the holder without the extra shell and attach a phone case to it directly. But I wanted to have the shell so I don’t have to worry about rain.
For some popular phones they also offer bumper cases prepared to attach to the holder.

The Fairphone 3 just barely makes it into the shell, better without bumper of course, but it also does make it with the bumper on. According to the specs it’s just 2 mm shorter than the given max. phone length for the shell, and this shows when closing the shell, but I hope the shell will wear out a bit over time to make this more comfortable. Then again I only plan to use this for routes or places I don’t know beforehand.

When it comes to how the holder is attached to the handlebar, it’s a pretty unique design, just watch this.
The whole thing wiggles around quite a bit while going over any kind of bumps because of this design, but it holds convincingly. I only bought it after I had seen somebody on Youtube riding downhill on a mountain bike with this thing and it kept the phone in place :slight_smile: .

Perhaps I’ll need some additional rubber or tape or something else to make the attachment more firm for reassuring myself, as my handlebar is rather slick, I’ll work something out.

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