Any possibility to share live location WITHOUT Google?

Hey, I clicked through some topics in this forum but haven’t been able to find an answer yet, so I’m starting my own.

I am looking for a way to share my live location without using Google (Maps). The possibility of sharing my live location is the only reason I still have Whatsapp and I want to get rid of it for quite some time now but I can’t because for health reasons I absolutely need this function. I searched the internet for hours now but all alternatives either build on Google or demand that the people you are sharing the location with also buy/install a particular app and that’s simply not possible.

Long story short, I am looking for a way to share my live location with people who do not need to install/buy an app and that does not use Google. A map integration would be nice but a simple sharing of coordinates would absolutely suffice! Anyideas?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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There are a few mentions of things over at the /e/ forum … Location Sharing - Applications - /e/ community.


Depending on the use case (more for short-term location sharing, and just location sharing without many extra features) I can really recommend Hauk. It does need a place where you can host the server part though.
But only the person sharing the location needs to install the app, then the server provides a simple webpage with a live map.
I have been using this with my family and friends for about a year now and we are quite happy with it.

2 Likes only requires you as the sharing person but not the location viewers to have Locus app installed. Locus is a very powerful map application, offers online and offline usage, vector maps with adaptable themes (=displays), point & track management, route planning, etc. If you want more than the features of the free version, you either once buy version 3/classic or you subscribe to version 4. Both versions are actively maintained but v4 gets more new features than v3.

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Hi Hali,

If you just need to tell someone where you are, rather than having the location processed by an app, take a look at ‘what3words’.



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Just try " OsmAnd Online GPS Tracker"

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