Any FP2 to sell in Berlin Area?

Hi. Time ago I am looking for a Fairphone used. Now I would like to test the Pie Beta version. I live in Berlin Area. Please contact with me when you consider it. Toni.

That means you want an FP2. You can’t test the Pie beta of the FP2 on an FP3.

I recategorized this topic in #market:buy instead of #market:sell.

You are totally right!! I want a FP2.

Why did you write “FP2 or FP3” in the title then?

Edit: I modified it and simply changed it to FP2. It doesn’t seem you can write stroked text in the title

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Check this topic if you didn’t already see it: Sell Fairphone 2_completely untouched | Verkaufe original-verpacktes FP 2

It was a mistake. Thanks for the details.

Thank you! I wrote him right now.

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