Any experience of repairs under warranty for the Fairphone 2?

I bought a fairphone 2 for my daughter earlier this year. The microphone is not working and we are both struggling to get the back off to clean the bottom module.

I bought the phone as it is modular and can be fixed but it seems somewhat surprising that within twelve months the individual is expected to replace parts. I want these replaced by fairphone. As we are struggling to get the back off we would invalidate any warranty if we forced it.

I hope we have that right, otherwise this it was a big mistake buying something for ethical reasons (at great expense) when it turns out to have unusually poor customer service.

This is a community forum, not the company.
Fairphone Support can be reached here (phone number and business hours are given near the bottom of the page) …

Perhaps this is also of interest …

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Thank you. I posted my question as I wondered if anyone had experience of the warranty meaning anything. I will edit my question. I have followed the video on troubleshooting.

Yes, there are people with good experience with the warranty.
I myself had no problems to get my cover replaced when it started to crack and split.

When you say “you can’t get the back off” do you mean the cover or do you mean you can’t separate the screen from the rest (back) of the phone? In the first case, which cover type do you have (regular, slim)? In the second case there is a trick you can find here: #disassemble.

Replacing modules is usually literally child’s play and not too much to expect of a customer. About warranty: The Fairphone 2 was designed to be opened by the customer and if you destroy something while trying to do so (especially when instructed by fairphone support) it’s probably because your daughter’s phone has a production error, so it wouldn’t be on you.

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