Any 12MP rear camera available somewhere?

Hello all,

my phone unfortunately fell out of my pocket when I was trying to get a bus and now the camera module is broken and not detected anymore. Without any functioning rear camera the phone dropped significantly in its value for me.

Is there anybody out there who can sell a 12MP rear camera to me?

Is your camera module actually physically (visibly) broken? If it is not, have you tried to screw it into its place anew? Maybe the contact just got lost and can still be restored.

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Or if it still doesn’t work, try to unmount and remount the camera even inside the module itself - if you can find a torx #5 screwdriver : you have nothing to lose :wink:

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I unscrewed the camera module, checked the contacts and screws and installed it again. no change. No visible damage but the camera isn’t recognized anymore.
So I conclude it’s broken.
No modules in stock and none for sale in the forum? Makes me think about selling my phone and switch to shiftphone.

My phone is 5 years old and I thought that the idea behind the phone was to support it for a longer period and stick to one model longer than usual.

  • Android was updated from Android 6 to 7: GREAT! (No Android 8 I guess)
  • An update rendered WiFi useless and was fixed only six months later: BAD
  • Hardware support cancelled after five years: NORMAL for regular phones but BAD for fairphone.
  • fairphone 1: 2013, fairphone 2: 2015, fairphone 3: 2019: Almost every three years a new phone. And every time a new phone came out the replacement parts for the previous versions went out of stock: STRANGE!

I loved the idea behind the fairphone which I would use longer if it was possible to replace the camera. Had I bought an IPhone I assume that apple could have repaired an IPhone 6 which is now almost same age.
I paid 500 Euro for a plastic phone which looked like a 40€ china trash phone because I wanted support the sustainable idea. But after 5 years this is not so sustainable compared to other manufacturers, or is it?

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I understand your frustration and if you do end up needing a new camera module, I’m sure we’ll be able to find you one through the forum. Or at least an old 8MP module to tide you over until a 12MP one pops up.

Speaking of which: do you have the old camera module? You can try installing that, see if it works, so we’ll know for sure if this is an issue with the camera and not the phone. You can also see if there are any #fairphoneangels near you who can help you out with this.

Now, as to the points you made:

An update to Android 8 for FP2 is not out of the question. All I could get out of some devs at FP were replies like “who knows” and “why not”, so no promises. But it would be cool.

I haven’t had the WiFi issue you’ve had, so I can’t comment on that.

Five years of hardware support is exactly what was promised when the FP2 was released, and it was delivered. And it looks as though it’ll even last a bit longer. It wasn’t ‘canceled’, though it is going to come to its planned end.

You can read some blogposts on the trials and tribulations of acquiring and manufacturing parts - it’s no cakewalk. No need to cook up conspiracy theories; if Fairphone wanted to make more money they could definitely find better ways of doing it than by running out of spare parts!


I would also like to buy the 12 mp camera module. There’s really nothing essentially malfunctioning about my old one, but I would really like to have a better camera for taking photographs.
I’d be delighted to anyone who is willing to sell this to me!


I know there is several partners who are looking to buy back Fairphone 2 for their modules and eventually try to refurbish them.

Fairphone should centralize all the modules collected and let them proposed directly on their forum.

That should be a great solution for FP2 owners and a great thing for FP3 Owners in a near future too…

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