Annoying toast for "no-reply SMS" since OS update

Since the update to Android12 the message saying that an SMS is a no-reply message flickers annoyingly at the bottom. I guess it has to do with the screen rounded edges and the use of swipe mode (no “buttons”) . I leave a video showing the problem, although the flickering rate is not captured so well. screen capture

Any suggestions?

Update 2023/04/14: fixed in the last update

Hmm! So to see the video I have to have a ‘live’ account or allow cookies etc. as I see nothing.

Did you check what’s behind the “learn more” button?

When I search for the exact message, there are lots of people reporting this on various smartphone models. After a quick glance it seems to me that this is a bug in the Google message app which has not been fixed yet.

Some more information here:


Yes, it makes sense. Although the blog in your link did not fixed it, i should search for solutions for the Messages app, not the phone. Thank you for respectfully showing me my mistake.

I think it is about SMS (text messages), so maybe another app like QKSMS (F-Droid) could help out and replace Google Messages.


Nice, i have now installed it and looks helpful. Thanks

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