Announcing my departure from this adventure, with mild frustration

So I bought a FP2 at the beginning of the crowdfunding campaing (and had to wait 6 months for it to arrive). The phone had the one issue after the other, and was finally replaced by FP because still within warranty. The second phone too had several issues that were solved one after the other with FP’s halep, but mainly it’s camera never really worked properly. Because this isn’t a vital function, I never really gave it priority. When I started digging into it with FP-Help, they diagniosed it as an issue of the motherboard… so not fixable (after I already bought a new camera module). Because out of warranty, I bought a new phone and decided my old phone would serve for spare parts. But the new phone, soon had major issues. It just dies unexpectedly and can stay dead for several weeks, after which sometimes it revives miraculously. I don’t understand. Meanwhile, I kept using my second phone, while replacing some parts with parts from the new phone (screen, battery, charging station), now this second phone has died too. completely shut off, doesn’t charge and do nothing, while the third phone too doesn’t seem to revive anymore. I own two dead FP2’s, I’ve spent around 1.500€ in phones and spare parts, I accumulated four years of frustration from running from one issue in another, subdued substantial ridicule from friends and family for holding on, plus frustration from their part because very regularly I just wasn’t reachable. Although heklpdesk was often helpfull, I end my FP-story here. I have no trust FP3 is going to be any better. I switched back to a big-tech company phone, although refurbished to keep some of my ideals up. I don’t rally for FP anymore, as I used to, and I don’t recommend it to anyone asking my advice. I’m sorry, it’s over. Ciao.

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