Announcement: New Categories

Dear forum users,

Since the FP3 is out now we (moderators and forum regulars) have decided to split the “Products” category into individual Categories for all 3 Fairphone models, so #discuss:fairphone-1, #discuss:fairphone-2 & #discuss:fairphone-3

These topics will be for general discussions about these products. For help requests please use the #help topics. There is now a help topic for the FP3 too, #help:fp3.

Not everything is decided yet - e.g. what will happen to the current " Products" category and the topics in there that don’t fit into a category about one device. We’ll probably repurpose it as a category for accessories, gadgets and general software discussions.

We’ll try to be quick with the whole process. While topics you are watching are moved you might get a whole lot of notifications as though topics had new posts you didn’t read yet. The latest view however should not be affected, so there you’ll see which topics actually have new posts.


Would it be possible to give the discuss:fairphone X categories the same colour as the help:fp X categories?


I’m all for changing the colors too. Last time we changed the forum structure we couldn’t come up with a color scheme we could agree on, but maybe this time we’ll have more luck.

I wouldn’t give the individual help and discuss topics the same color as that will increase topics being posted in the wrong category and decrease the number of topics being moved to the correct category (because it’s not so obvious it’s wrong).

PS: Actually maybe it’ll be distinct enough with the same colors, as the category-names have different lengths and the #discuss -blue or the #help -red will be seen too.
I’d change #help:fp3 to light yellow though to keep the traffic-light-like colors for the #help sub-categories.

PPS: We now went with sub-category colors being variations of the super-category color instead.


Reading the topic I was wondering why the sub-categories were named differently (fairphone- vs. fp).
Spontaneously I would have tended to use equal sub-categories for #help and #discuss.
Wouldn’t that be easier or am I missing something?


We didn’t actively decide that, but I think it makes sense for two reasons:

  • color blind people can see the difference at first glance
  • you can quickly link to the categories by typing #fp3 -> #help:fp3 or #fairphone-3 (or indeed just #3) -> #discuss:fairphone-3 and just have to hit enter, no need to select anything in the drop-down menu.
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