Android11/FP3 : date sms not indicated anymore after update 10 to 11

Hello, since updating my FP3 to android 11 the dates from receiving and sending the sms are not indicated anymore at the sms directly…You have to push the sms click details and then you find the date : Very unpractical indeed… Anyone had this problem too and how to solve it ?

In /e/ (Android 11) I still get the date shown in the SMS list.

You could try an alternative app, maybe QKSMS from the F-Droid Store

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I presume you are running the Android software that came on the phone (Fairphone OS) and the standard SMS app called Messages.

I seem to recall seeing this problem at some stage but for me it’s no longer necessary to open the “details” as you describe. On my phone the date and time is shown at the beginning of each series of messages closely grouped in time, but not between the messages. So if, with the same person, I exchange three messages in the morning and a couple in the evening I would see something like

Tuesday, 15 Nov - 08:40

above the first ones and then lower down,

Tuesday, 15 Nov - 19:07

Which version of Android are you running? To answer this question, please go on your phone to Settings > About phone > Build number


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