Android wear without Google possible?

Hello fairphoners…
I have a New Smartwatch. But it is not easy to pair it with my phone, since there are no Google Service installed.
My phone runs the official LOS downloaded the Android wear APP from yalp store, but it tells me: no service without google.
Is there a way to run the watch without Google service?

Thanks and greatings…

Did you try microG yet? I never owned an Android Wear device so I can’t help you further probably.


Depending on what Smartwatch you have, there are several apps to help you out available on F-Droid. I looked some of them up:

I hope I could help you :slight_smile:

EDIT: Since you are on LOS, I assume your phone is rooted. You could try the XPosed module “This App Will Run Without Google Play Services”.


Unfortunately, Android Wear will not work without Google Play Services and MicroG does not support it yet.
Your only option here (if you don’t want to install Google Play Services) is to use an alternative OS on your watch like AsteroidOS.

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Ok… not so good news… I tried it on my nexus 4 with the LOS with microG - the watch dont want to connect :confused:
It is the Fossil Marshal q or G. After a short search about alternative OS, there are no good news for me at all.
I am hoping that microG support android wear in the near future…

Is it possible to flash the Gapps without a new installation of the hole System or do i have to install the LOS agian?

Ohh there is another question yet: are the Gapps pico enough?
If someone has an other idea, please let me know.

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