Android Wear smartwatch

Hey there,

Today the Moto 360 smartwatch, build around Android Wear, goes on sale. I want to have one! Small problem though, the watch only works with a phone running on Android 4.3 or higher…

When are you guys able to help me out? :smile:


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There’s nothing known about Android updates for Fairphone. Seems we’re stuck to 4.2.2 for the time being. There is, however, a very early Cyanogenmod release (Android 4.4) for FairPhone. If you want to take the risk, install it and try if the smartwatch works

More info about the Cyanogenmod release can be found here:

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@Jerry I read on the xda thread tha bluetooth is not working, so I think that install now this cm would be useless!

Good to keep this issue on the radar! And a nice way to do so. Is the Moto 360 available in Europe already?

I can confirm. Currently Bluetooth doesn’t work at all. Maybe in a later version…

Whoops okay, that might be a problem. I don’t know how smart watches connect to the phone. I think Bluetooth is a good bet.

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Any news on the fairphone smart watch capability??
Is the CM improved or an other way to update to 4.3?
buying a smart watch and not be able to connect to you fairphone, suckss.

Check this out:

Maybe you could also post your request at xda-developers! :slight_smile:

Hi Everybody,
6 months later, is there any improvement?? is there hope to use an android wear with my “FP1” ??

I’ve checked the solution propose before but I’m not so good to download and install “unofficial” versions.
Thanks for everything,

Hi! I’m also planning to buy an android wear. Could the Fairphone team tell us if there are any plans to move to Android 4.3?


I am not from the Fairphone team but there are rumours we might get an Android 4.4 update sometime. Nothing official and could still fail for various reason (and take a while) but it seams that not all hopes are lost.

Still, i would not buy anything yet, until there is an official announcement because there actually is a lot that can go wrong.

Thanks, just cross fingers and wait

I’d stick to the assumption we’re stuck on Android 4.2, especially when communicating with people who aren’t completely in the know with the current FP/Android situation.

Also, can we be sure that an upgrade to Android 4.4 would allow the use of BT LE?


i have a Moto 360 2nd Generation (46mm) and it works flawless. You need Android 4.3, i installed the alternative OS from Chris Hoffmann (4.4) and it is wonderful.

You can use every feature and the connection to my Fairphone 1 is no problem, the app "Android Wear " works good. I can answer messages, search google, the weather etc.

The Bluetooth works with no problems. The Moto 360 2 can use the GPS , find my telefon,skype moto body , “Puls messen” etc.

The Smartwatch looks great, the screens is bigger than Apple Watch.

I tested the connection in a store befor i bought my Watch on ebay.