Android-version 10 update: mobile data gone

After the latest update (Android 10) on my FP3 I see LTE on my screen. I understand that it is an audio improvement. But since the installation of the update I lost connection with mobile data!! Fortunately, wifi still works.
Special connection to my network does not help. I called my provider (Ben in NL) and they knew the problem: only FP-users have this. There seems to be a repair pack but I can not find it. My system says it is up to date.

I have seen more threads below on this issue, but no solution.

Please try to manually re-add the internet APN with the recommend settings from you carrier. To do so, please go to Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Access Point Names.

Good luck!


Thanks Thomas! That’s it!
If it is a dutch problem, here the solution in Dutch:
Instellingen > Netwerk en Internet > Mobiel netwerk > Geavanceerd > Namen toegangspunten
en die stond bij mij op Internet PrePaid maar toen ik dat veranderde naar Internet Abonnee, toen werkte het weer.


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