Android troubles

Good evening to everyone,

First of, I’m quite pleased with my third FP (first FP1 stolen, second FP1 died - RIP, third bought 3 days ago).
But…there seem to be some issues which I’m not able to resolve by myself. I read some threads and checked google - no information to be found.
I don’t know if this is a problem related to the android OS adaption to our FPs or just plain and simple a google f-up (or mine…):

  1. Why can’t I decide on a lock & home screen individually?
  2. The icons seem enorm to me; text size could be changed but the size of the icons doesn’t. Is it because there are 4 icons in a row per default?
  3. Shutter sound of the camera: any way to deactivate (not turning phone on silent)? :unamused:
  4. I’m not able to write on my SD card and can’t seem to find the directions proposed by trouble shooting.
    4.a Any way to select where pictures should be safed to?
  5. If I’m taking a screenshot and then open it through the pull down bar from top, I can’t delet it instantly but have to open “photos”. Any ways to change this?
  6. Alarms: I set one alarm daily at 10pm but I’m constantly reminded, starting at 8pm, that my alarm will go off at 10pm. I REALLY do not need this reminder since I set my alarm on the time I actually want to be alerted.
  7. [Last but not least] Is there any way to have a panel for the music which is being played via " google music" in the pull down menu?

I hope someone can help with my problems (which quite possibly are rooted in my being unknowing).

Thank you! :blush:

4, Which software version is your phone using? You can find it in the “Updater” app or Settings > About this phone > Updater.
There were some changes in permissions in recent updates.

If you root your phone, you can install the Xposed framework and install the Gravity Box module. This can set a new picture for the lock screen.

[quote=“Kathi, post:1, topic:21654”] Shutter sound of the camera: any way to deactivate (not turning phone on silent)? :unamused:
If you install a different Camera App, for instance Camera MX you can turn off the shutter sound.

In the settings (Einstellungen) there is the option to “mount” the SD card. After you do this, you should be able to write and change data on the SD card.

Depending on the camera app - in some you are able to change the directory. But I’ve read, that Android is not so keen on letting apps store their data on the SD card.

Altogehter, I recommend installing FP Open OS - with this it is much easier to root and own the entire phone. I recommend reading this thread.


Thank you, this worked. (I thought I already had updated but there seem to be some problems as well - just now I got a “developers” screen which said “problem with update” etc)

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