Android system uses a lot of RAM

My wife and me both have a FP3 but hers is being extremely slow lately. So I enabled the Dev-mode to check the RAM-usage. Almost all of the free RAM is being used by the system:

Android OS:
Average use: 2.2 GB

Kernel: 1.6 GB
systemown (don’t know the exact translations) : 395 MB
Caches: 217 MB

When I compare it with my memory usage:

Android OS:
Average use: 1 GB

Kernel: 426 MB
systemown: 400 MB
Caches: 220 MB

Does anyone have a quick solution that doesn’t involve a format of the phone?

And you both have installed the same apps

Hi the only simple things I can think of is

  • Does the questionable device have a lot of background apps running?
  • You can start the phone in safe mode to disable all the apps temporarily to see if that helps and then re-enable them. If you find a suspect you can confirm by just disabling it via Settings > Apps and notifications >etc.
  • You can check battery usage as that will indicate which apps are using a lot of battery and hence running in the background maybe.

There are lots of things to check.

Which version of Android are you using, updated?

Exactly how did you get the readings you have shown.

here’s my
Settings > System > Advanced Developer options > Memory >Memory used bv apps


I restarted in safe and the memory of the kernel was back to regular size. I restarted again and it stayed that way. Now the phone works again at regular speed. Let’s hope it stays this way…


Maybe the abnormal size was consecutive to the launch of one particular application.

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