Android Security Updates

How up-to-date are the monthly Android Security Updates at Fairphone and with what time delay do they appear?
Google Pixel smartphones always get it time-invariant around the 5th and on Samsung usually one day later. Please only reply if you can tell me the average time delay. :sweat_smile:

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For Fairphone OS for the FP4, you can track it here:

For Fairphone OS for the FP3, look here:


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First of all, here you find all Releases for the Fairphone 3 and the Fairphone 4.

It is important to note that Fairphone does not guarantee monthly updates. As I saw though, the Fairphone 4 was on a nearly monthly schedule and the Fairphone 3 gets updates usually every 2 months. However, the Android patch level can be up to one month behind at a release. It is best to see for yourself. The threads are quite detailed.


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