Android robot no command

I have a FP1 that when I start it only a blue screen shows nothing else.
In the right upper corner the screen is damaged and the led isn’t function no more.
When I start with power on and volume up I get after a little while the green android robot on my screen saying ‘No command’.
As I can’t chance the settings to debug usb, the phone isn’t recognised with adb devices.
With another screen I get the same.
Is there anything I can do to get this FP1 functioning again?

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That’s #dic:recoverymode
Press the power button to open the recovery mode menu, then you can try e.g. a hard reset.

If I press on the power button I get a blue screen.
If I press longer on the power button I get a blue screen, the screen turns black and then blue again.

I mean press the power button shortly while the robot is displayed.


Yes ! I had to try it several times, but it works.
Thank you so much, Paula.


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