🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Android.process.media keeps stopping / android.process.media wird wiederholt beendet

Dear Fairphone Community,

I get this error message all the time. It starts when I open the Camera App or try to access the files on my phone with the standard app of the Fairphone. It stops if I deactivate ‘Download Manager’ and ‘Medienspeicher’ (probably ‘media storage’ in english). I cleared the storage and the cache of these Apps, restarted, and activated them again. But the problem remains. Does someone else also have this issues and has a good idea to fix it?

thank you in advance and best regards,

Hi Ranwo and welcome to the community Forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you installed a SD memory card and if so, how is it formatted (internal or external / portable)?

It is strongly recommended NOT to format SD cards as internal memory, even if the temptation is strong. There have been many problems. If this is your case, do not remove the card straight away, as this would be like ripping out built-in memory. Instead you’ll need to “evacuate” it (move everything that’s on it back to internal built-in memory) before physically removing it. [Edit - see this:

Even if formatted as external / portable memory, SD cards can be the cause of problems of all sorts. Have a look round.

Make sure your data are backed up before taking action.


Hi OldRoutard,
thank you very much! I removed the SD-Card and everything works well. I had nothing on the card so I just use the phone without it.
Best regards,


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