Android OTA Updates via Vodafone DE

I’m still stuck with the December update. I just ran the updates check twice, but no dice (sorry…).

Does anyone on Vodafone Germany get the recent update via OTA? Or is there some other method to get it?


Just put in another SIM that does not use VF. If you don’t have one, buy one of the cheap starter kits from e.g. Congstar (Telekom network). You can even leave that one in your second SIM slot and activate it only for updating purposes until eventually Vodafone figures out how to fix this s***.


This is a known problem since the beginning of the year. Vodafone needs to “ok” these updates before they reach Vodafone customers, and so far that remains to be done. The easiest workaround so far is temporarily replacing the Vodafone SIM with one from a different cellular net, e.g. Deutsche Telekom. You can learn more about this if you dig a bit deeper in this topic:

tomgey describes the underlying issue, although in his case it was a problem with Orange. Orange seems to have eventually fixed it, and I think there is hope Vodafone will eventually fix it, too. More specifically on Vodafone, also note the later comments by amber in the same topic.


I’m just off the phone from a call to the Vodafone Germany hotline. I got lucky and talked to a very nice lady who called their techies twice to get an answer. The second try got me “we’re working on it”. So let’s hope that’s true and they will resolve this soon.

I presume I don’t need to call Fairphone, they seem to be working on it from their side.

I don’t need the update desperately, I just would like to have the notification LED feature. I will not use a different provider but hang on to this and pester Vodafone weekly about it :slight_smile:


Forgot to post this. The OTA update came in on Monday.

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