Android OS mirror - Australia

Does anyone have a list of mirrors for the FairPhone 4 android OS?
I seem to be having trouble in Australia. It seems I can only download half of the image file for some reason (or something odd like that). The MD5/SHA doesn’t match, neither does the file size.
I think it times out after a couple of hours.

I take it you’re downloading from this page. Sounds like either your local Internet connexion has a problem or maybe the provider has a problem. Which Android version did you want to download? A13 (FP4.TP1V.C.073) weighs 2.4 GB so a fair size, admittedly.

Maybe someone else could download it for you and get it to you on a memory stick.

Alternatively I expect services like WeTransfer have local mirrors, so I could try sending it that way. In that case send me a private message with an e-mail address.

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Yeah I tried 13 first and it “finished” at 1.6GB. a similar thing happened with 12.
No problem, I’ll try on a different network and see how that goes.

I ended up using Turbo Download Manager. It’s a chrome plugin that helps manage downloads from unstable connections. Instead of waiting 8 hours for the download to cut out half way through, I managed to download the image in about 20mins. The SHA256 checks out too.
It’s a good tip for anyone having trouble down here in Australia.

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or anywhere else!

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