Android One Mediatek code


I just found this “Kernel tree for Mediatek chipsets”.

git clone

Can somebody here tell me if this would be useful for the future of the FP1? Some parts are even tagged “android-5.1.1_r0.16” but it’s to later for me now to check the details.

How can I find out for what chipset this code is for?

But it looks like only these branches are available:

* master
  remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master

I wonder if Mediatek/Google will release more Mediatek code due to the AndroidOne.

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The right place with the right people to ask such questions is probably xda-developers.

True. And I started looking there. But I still hope that some people from the FP project, with more insight, will give some rough answers here. It’s still a “movement”, right? :wink: The xda is just about existing code/hardware.

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As far as I know, these kernels are unrelated to the chip used in our Fairphones. They are for Android One phones (mostly sold in India and other emerging markets), if I remember correctly.

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Thanks for the quick update. I found a few “strange”(CINK FIVE, IQ446) sources for the chipsets used on FP1/FP1U but I haven’t seen anything past 4.4. I have the feeling that 4.4 will be the dead end for the 6589*, but I cannot point my finger to it (lollypop/on T). Reading a little bit on xda and CM … is feels like the whole Android ecosystem is not a very nice place. ;(

True, i often get the same impression on xda.

There are notable exceptions with Sony for example, having execptional developer support, see, albeit only for there high priced products and Fairphone at least doing their best.

Then on the other hand, the Windows and Apple ecosystems are not an inch better in that regard or almost non-existant.