Android One-Handed Mode, and turning off Notification-LED entirely

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so my Fairphone 3 arrived just two hours ago and I have several questions already, most of which I could solve with the help of friends and the forum.

However there are two issues I want to clearify.

No.1 being the missing One-Handed Mode in Android. The Fairphone 3 is HUGE (for me at least, coming from 4" and 4,5" phones, which had the perfect size, or if any, where a little bit on the “too large”-side (I know I’m weird)) and I am totally struggling handling it with one hand/thumb, which is normaly a prerequirement for me.
Is this really not supported natively? Or am I just missing something? Serching for this topic brought up only apps, which some of them require ADB and still won’t work with every app correctly.
With screeens getting bigger and bigger these days it seems to be a missed necessity.

I own a 40€-Windows-Phone (the 4,5" one mentioned above) which I have been using until now. And even this thing had an One-Handed Mode natively, where you could just hold the Home-Button for a second and the screen would be pulled down, so you could reach elements in the upper half of the screen.

No.2 is the notification LED, which I dislike in general and didn’t find any option to turn it off completely. In fact I didn’t find any options For example if i turn on battery saving mode (via atomatic mode, which I had previously set to 100% on my windows phone), a bright red light appears and flashes constantly. This is an absolut no-go for me. Can this be turned off?

Furthermore I would like to know, if any of the CustomROMs has these features build in.


You could “turn off” the LED entirely by sticking dark tape on the inside of the screen glass where the hole is for the LED.
With software it will probably only be possible with root + XPosed, but that’s not available for the FP3 yet. I don’t know if any custom ROMs can turn off the LED without XPosed, but custom ROMs don’t exist for the FP3 yet either anyway.

Haha, thanks, didn’t even think about that.
But anyway, isn’t a constantly flashing light - even if it’s an LED - somehow defeating the purpose of energy saving mode? So why is it blinking in the first place?

To alert the user that energy saving mode is active, which by default is the case with the battery on its last few percent, in which case most users would want to know because they are not constantly monitoring the battery status :wink: .