Android navigation buttons becoming not responsive

I have recently noticed that some or all Android navigation buttons become unresponsive. Most often, the square. Sometimes, also the circle and the triangle. At the same time, the application on the screen and other applications (if I can launch them) work well. Restarting the phone solves this problem for a few hours/a few days.

Has anyone experienced such behaviour?

I use Android 12 with the standard ROM (FP4.SP2K.B.089.20230807) and Microsoft Launcher.
I have not noticed this behaviour until a month or two ago. I have not figured out the conditions when it starts.

For me it sounds like a problem with the launcher (it seems to hang) as you report that in those cases it’s difficult to start apps (launcher job) and as the mentioned buttons are imho also part of the launcher.

On the contrary (perhaps, I didn’t explain it well), if I can get to any place where I can start applications (e.g., home screen via the round button), the applications start without any problem.

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I experienced the problem with the square button:
when I double-tap it to quickly switch to the last used app, sometimes the square button somehow crashes and won’t respond anymore.

Until know, a quick switch to default launcher and back always helped with that issue (I’m using Olauncher).
So I guess this may be a launcher issue


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