Android Enterprise for Fairphone 4 - somebody got it?

Dear Fairphone users,

I wonder if somebody got Android Enterprise on the Fairphone 4. The anncouncement on Fairphone’s website (AER - Fairphone) made me curious about this. What is the difference between the regular Fairphone/Android version and the enterprise version? How to get this on the phone when the regular Fairphone’s Android 12 ist already installed and used? Does it cost me monthly? I would be extremely happy if someone has already gained experience with it and could report here!

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That’s relevant for Business/Companies not a separate OS, as far as I understand.


Think of Android Enterprise as an addtiional certification that the FP4 has achieved.


So the Android Enterprise is not a special Android version?

The FAQ on that link you shared states:

I already have a Fairphone 4, how can I get AER on it?

It’s not an application you have to download, it’s embedded in your software. AER will be activated from software version FP4.FP4D.A.163.20220826.

So you should be good. It’s part of the regular updates since they have this certification. I do wonder how strict this is though and if recertification is needed for every release. Because I suppose they didn’t certify when they were more than 3 months behind with updates. At least, Android itself made some fuss about it and some apps.


So thank you very much all of you! Although it then really seems to be more a symbolic certification than a “real thing” (e.g. like a special software hardening for pro’s), I like the thought of having a ready-to-use build-in “professional” android version. :joy:

Thank you and greetings from Berlin


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