Android Backup and Restore Tools

I have stumbled over something in the /e/ forum: [HOWTO] Backup and Restore Data on Android Devices - #52 by petefoth - HOWTOs - /e/ community

Someone tried this collections of scripts for backup - even across different phone models.

I haven’t found the time yet to try it myself, but “backup” seems to be a complicated business on Android if one doesn’t want to backup via Google Drive. Maybe these tools are of help.

Seems to require rooting, though…

I miss the old days of Android where all most users needed was adb backup/adb restore and manually copy over the home folder (back when devs allowed app backups). Some other apps were needed to transfer over SMS messages/contacts etc and that was that.

Nowadays it’s a lot more involved to do an offline backup, and root is pretty much a requirement in most cases


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