Android Auto with Fairphone Open

I have a new car that offers me to use “android auto” being under fairphone os I installed android auto with yalp. when launch I have a blank page with a message “android auto will not work without the services google play that are not compatible with your device”.
is there a solution ?
i use osm as gps car but i want to catch my fairphone on the media sytem of my car
thanks for your answers

Not sure if that fully answers your question, but you should always be able to connect the FP2 as media device via bluetooth. Then, if you start playback on the FP2 with any app (e.g. spotify or any media player playing MP3 on the phone/SD card), you’ll hear it via the car stereo. Play/Pause/Mute/Skip from the car controls should work, too.

you are right because I do what you propose. I want to go further : i want a solution to “cast” (I think that’s the word that fits) the screen of the FP2 to the screen of the audio system of my car via the auto android function (or carplay). these functions are available on my car

Have you tried microG?
It’s a free “implementation” of GMS which tricks Apps to think that they are installed. Installing microG is explained at #installanyapp in section 5.5. If you need more help, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Edit: Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. (see below)

Welcome! I guess you use Fairphone Open, not Fairphone OS? Android Auto heavily relies on Google’s proprietary services so you’ll need to switch to “regular” Fairphone OS or LineageOS + Open GApps.

@Stanzi, MicroG does not support Android Auto.


If the car offers to use Android Auto - doesn’t it mean, Android Auto is installed somewhere in your car? You could connect to it via Bluetooth, but in my opinion it has nothing to do with a client like your phone having to install Android Auto, which is probably also incompatible to other devices.

I replace android os bundled with the FP2 by the fairphone os to exit google. I do not want to reinstall it

@Amber, that’s not how Android Auto works. The head unit in the car is basically just an additional touch screen which some apps (which have to be certified by Google) can use. But everything runs on the phone. The head unit can’t do anything without the phone.

@Benoist_Hitier, unfortunately, Android Auto is a proprietary Google product and not part of the Open Source Android code. If you want to use it, you’ll have to go with Google.
There are third-party apps which can mirror the phone’s screen to an Android Auto head unit. These might work without Google services. You won’t have the Android Auto experience, but you can use the (larger) screen in the car to operate the phone. This is more like a hack, so you would have to do some research into the status quo.


a number of applications (not installed via yalp or fdroid) do not work fully. it seems that they have been developed with features that use the specific properties of the google account. some close immediately after their launch. it is an online or bank payment application. does google account increase the security of the smartphone?
is it possible to add “google account” in “settings” of faiphone os without reinstalling android

Maybe not just with Google account: Google offers a number of services from within the “Google framework”. Does it “increase the security”? Well, what do you understand under “security”? It does increase the safety under certain condition. It can reduce security as well. But the Google “account” itself does not do much. But this is not the answer you wanted to hear.

To avoid confusion …
Fairphone OS is the OS with Google Apps and services,
Fairphone Open OS is the OS without Google Apps and services.
Both are Android OSes.

See this guide here for more info on getting Google-dependent Apps to work on Fairphone Open OS …

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