Android Auto does not work in FP4 and Volvo XC40

I just got my new FP4 and an New Volvo Xc40 Full electric.
So I want to use the Android Auto App. But I can’t connect to XC40.
I search in different places at Google, Volvo, Fairphone, but no solution was found.
When I connect My FP4 the FP ask what to do, and in that screen I dont know what to choose.
Datatransfert, MDI, or?
Had someone the same problems and found a solution?

So how do you connect, via USB? Did you try Bluetooth? I never used Android Auto, but would think its similar to Apple Car Play and this need to be selected and allowed after the phone was connected with the car first or when you connect the car would ask if it should be used. So your options does not sound correct to me as those are the standard options when connected with a PC via USB

I tried also the Bluetooth way.

But yesterday I got an information from Volvo, that there is a problem with the actuel software installed in the car.

So I have to wait, that Volvo corrects the problem.


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